Looking for a great escape? Come to Kent.

Looking for a great escape? Come to Kent.

With its beautiful countryside and proximity to London, Kent is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. So whether you’re looking for a quiet weekend away or an exciting adventure, Kent has something for everyone.

If you like history, visit the ancient ruins of Dover Castle or Canterbury Cathedral. Take in an open-air production at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury for culture. Or, if you’re looking for thrills and adventure, try rock climbing on Beachy Head or abseiling down the city walls of Rochester.

Kent is one of the most visited counties in the country, and it’s easy to see why.

Kent has some of the best driving roads in the UK, including those that pass through The Garden of England – a stretch of the countryside with rolling hills and picturesque villages. Visit on a Sunday, and you might even catch one of our legendary (and free) music festivals on the road!

Kent has it all. Discover what you’ve been missing on your doorstep, just an hour from London by train on one of our frequent daily services.

Kent is a county in southeast England bordered by the Strait of Dover and the North Sea. The county was one of the first British territories to be settled by Germanic tribes, and the Jutes are the most well-known of these. Today, Canterbury Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in England and has been the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury since the 6th century. Rochester Cathedral is England’s second-oldest cathedral located in Medway, which is also in Kent. The county has been a setting for conflict and diplomacy, including the Battle of Britain in World War II and peace talks at Leeds Castle in 1978 and 2004.

Boat at Dungeness in Kent
Boat at Dungeness in Kent

The county of Kent is found in the southeast of England. It is bordered by the English Channel and the counties of Surrey and Sussex. The coastline is characterized by cliffs, coves, chalk, and sandstone headlands. The highest point in the county is Borough Hill, which stands at 242 meters (794 feet). The majority of the population lives in the valley of the River Thames. The county has a long history and was essential to English naval power.

Kent has a maritime heritage that can be seen in the marine appearance of its coastline. This is partly because of the high concentration of cliffs and headlands, but also because, from history, it was a part of the Cinque Ports, from where Royal Navy ships were launched during the early medieval period. The chalk cliffs along much of the east coast start at the boundary with Sussex, run south for about apart. The downs end at the cliffs; one notable example is Dover Castle, which marks the point where (before modern engineering) the English Channel became land-locked. The highest point in Kent is Boughton Hill, which reaches .

Why you should visit kent:

Kent is the only county in England with two separate coastlines, and its proximity to London makes it a popular destination for those looking to explore the region. Its capital city of Canterbury is one of the oldest cities in England; its cathedral houses the tomb of Thomas Becket, who was murdered there by knights at King Henry II’s order. The county is also home to several vineyards in the southeast, with the old town of Hythe even maintaining its wine-making tradition.

Kent has one of the longest histories in England. Like The Garden of England, it has long benefited from its proximity to London and was an essential part of English naval power through the Cinque Ports. So visit today.

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