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How to host and have the best Hot Tub party of 2022?

When you hear a hot tub party, what immediately comes to mind is bubbles, swimwear, music, and booze, lots and lots of it. Hot tub parties are the only party that is always in trend no matter the season and time. Whether you are hosting at home to show off your amazing hot tub or envious garden or hosting a hot tub hire, you choose.

There are amazing spas, resorts, and hotels with some fantastic hot tub hire packages when hosting a hot tub hire. Packages may vary according to guests and party themes.

They have hot tub hire for a BBQ package, a hens package, a girls-only package, and a boys-only package.

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No matter your crowd, a hot tub party is a fantastic way to have fun with family and friends, with no issue with your gathering.

Here are a few tips to help you host the best hot tub party. Let’s start with pre-party essentials to get the show on the road.


Pre-Party Details

Like a good party planner, you should be able to come prepared with minute details ironed out. From party theme ideas to sound, make sure you have every detail worked out for a smooth sailing party. The first on our to-do list is the party theme.

Theme Ideas

The core of every party is the theme, every party’s hook. We all know that a great party is mainly centered on a great theme. The theme is what dictates the party’s direction. Come up with an awesome theme for your party and if you are still undecided, check out excellent and trendy hot tub party themes on the internet. Just make sure your party fits the bar.

Your party theme can be a cocktail party, a tropical beach theme.

If the crowd is juvenile, the theme could be an aquarium, mermaid, or pirate-themed, all trendy.

Guest List

The next thing on your agenda is your guest list from the theme. A party is nothing without a pulling crowd. Now make sure you have the right kind of people to attend. You can ensure the guest list is ready, and invitations are sent out for attendance confirmation.

Venue and Decor

If you are going to be hosting the party in your own home, make sure your hot tub, garden, or backyard are set to host many people. Remember that the entire guest can’t fit your hot tub and even most hut tub hires come with a set intake limit.

You can spice the space up with attractive decor from balloons, garlands, and a temporary built-in bar to give the place the authentic party feel.


Music is a necessity for every party. You can tell the difference between a regular gathering that involves eating and drinking to a hotspot with the available tunes.

With a solid playlist, your hot tub party will entertain the crowd to keep the party going.

You can create your playlist on most music platforms or ask for help from friends and family to come up with the most mind-blowing tunes to rock the party.


Before and after guests dive into the hot tub, there must be available foods to fill them up as the party is ongoing. Since this is not a regular party, make sure the food is not heavy or spicy.

Guests like to show off their beach bodies, and swimming is not recommended on full stomachs.

Keep the food light, preferably snacks and finger foods, to give guests something to nibble on before and after they take a dip.


You can never go wrong with the right kind of drinks at a party. You will lose your crowd if this is not in constant supply at your party. Your party would be lit with a suitable variety of drinks available, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

When hosting minors, ensure you have assorted fruit cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to serve.

At a hot tub party, drinks like beer and wine can help guests loosen up to get ready to jump into the hot tub when the time comes.


The highlight of the party is the hot tub, be it an adult or a children’s party. It is where the most fun happens. For a children’s event, you can add fun items like inflatable balloons, bouncy castles, swings, and water guns for more fun.

For entertainment, you can bring fun games like Jenga, waterproof cards, and so many more to bring spontaneity to the party.

You should remember that not all guests will be willing to dive into the pool, so you must have other forms of engaging activities to make sure the party doesn’t fizzle out so soon to get the crowd going.

Main Event

When every bit of the party details is put in place, all you need to do is set the plan in motion. Get the site set up for your awesome hot tub party. Make sure your hot tub is filled with water and start heating it.

Most spas offer fantastic hot tub parties packages, including pavilions, LED lights, and drinks for your entourage if it’s an affair outside your home. For all girls and hen packages, you could get unique complimentary gifts like bottles of champagne, a sash, and a tiara for the future bride.

They have weekend hire packages for a weekend-long celebration. You know it’s party time when you add extras like disco lights, drinking fountains, etc. Everyone can participate and have fun with party games like a search party, giant Jenga, tug, etc.

Ensure your hot tub has been plugged from 10-24 hours before use. And ensure that the temperature is 38 degrees for a warm and relaxing feel to the body.

Before kicking off, make sure the hot tub is warm and ready. The finger foods are set, drinks are fantastic and in never-ending supply. Make sure your DJ station is hyped with loud music playing for the neighbors to hear and all forms of entertainment ready to go to tell if it’s party time.

Side Note

Please note that you need extra towels for guests and proper drainage to avoid accidents. Do make it a point to inform neighbors beforehand about the party to avoid getting shut down or, worse, arrested for disturbing the peace.

Keep guests comfortable and safe, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself

Turn your garden or backyard into the perfect hot tub arena for your family and friends to give them a memorable weekend of dip and laughter, one soon not to forget.